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Emily stared at herself in the mirror, willing herself to magically grow taller.  At only 5’2” she could hardly rock the outfits her friends did.  Height had its advantages, and Emily was missing out.

Lila flounced over to the mirror and flung an arm around Emily’s shoulders.  She was wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that hugged her body, paired with a cropped white blouse that showed a sliver of her thin, pale stomach.  She had tied up her long reddish-orange hair in a casual ponytail, and put some silver bangles on her wrist to match the studs in her ears.  Emily stared enviously at the black flats her friend was wearing.  Lila was 5’8” - so tall that she didn’t even need to wear heels.


“Come on!” Lila exclaimed.  “You need to get ready!”

“I don’t know what to wear,” Emily replied, a little desperately.  She had chosen to stand in front of the mirror disparaging over her short stature rather than pick out an outfit; she had been in nothing but her bra and panties for nearly an hour.

“Just pick something,” suggested Sarah, from where she was sitting cross-legged on the bed.  “You’ve got plenty of nice clothes, and at this point anything would look better than what you’ve got on.”

Emily stuck out her tongue, aware that she was being completely childish.  “Easy for you to say,” she muttered.  Shoulder-length black hair curled and make-up on, Sarah was wearing a black miniskirt with fishnet leggings, black heels on the bed next to her just waiting to be put on.  Her outie navel was peeking out from under the tight gray crop top she had on underneath her unzipped leather jacket.

They both looked fabulous.

Sighing dramatically, Lila crossed the room to Emily’s closet and flung open the doors.  “Let’s see what we’ve got here... no, ugly, too dark, too big - here we go!”  She emerged with a shirt Emily had never seen before and a pair of jeans she hadn’t worn in two years.  “Put these on,” Lila commanded.

Rolling her eyes, Emily grabbed the jeans.  She wriggled around for a good five minutes getting them up all the way, before sucking in her stomach in order to do up the button.  Tugging on the foreign shirt, she turned to face the mirror.

She looked... not half bad, actually.  The black skinny jeans were definitely tight, but they hugged her body in a way that accentuated her assets.  Though definitely nothing she knew she even owned, the loose sleeveless pink blouse showed off her soft but flat stomach and deep innie navel.  

Lila pulled back Emily’s long blonde hair before letting it drop down again.  “Perfect!” she announced.

Emily had to admit, she did look pretty cute.  She fingered her navel before asking, “So, were we planning on leaving anytime soon?”

Lila and Sarah grinned.  The three girls grabbed their purses and walked out of the room, Emily slipping on a pair of red heels before going out the door.


Leaning against the wall, cup of punch in hand, Emily groaned inwardly.  Despite Lila and Sarah’s assurances that Katie’s party was going to rock, it was turning out to be incredibly lame.  She glanced around, wondering where Sarah was.  Lila had ditched the two of them ages ago in favor of spending the party making out with her boyfriend Ian in one of the first-floor closets.  Standing on her tiptoes Emily spotted Sarah dancing with an unfamiliar boy on the other side of the room.  She sighed and slumped back against the wall.

Suddenly she heard a long, drawn-out growl followed by a loud gurgle.  Though there was no one around to have heard, Emily blushed a placed a hand on her bared stomach.  Another growl rumbled through her stomach, accompanied by a hunger pain.  What kind of party didn’t have food?  Of course there would be plenty to drink, and nothing to eat.  Rubbing her upper stomach slightly, Emily pulled her phone out of her back pocket, prepared to text Lila and Sarah.  She was ready to leave.

Emily gasped, almost dropping her phone, as without warning something was jabbed inside her navel.  Looking down, she saw a long finger sticking out of her navel.  She glanced up quickly, and was met with a hot boy who looked to be about her age.  Around 5’11” tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, he stared down at Emily, smiling.  She stared back.

“What are you doing?” she asked, still slightly breathless from the shock of having a foreign object stuck unexpectedly inside her navel.

The boy shrugged.  “Just wanted to say hi, I guess.  You’ve got a cute belly button.”  He wiggled his finger around inside her navel as he spoke, and Emily giggled involuntarily.  The boy grinned at her.

“I’m Emily,” she said, strangely unbothered by his finger still probing around her navel.

“Tom,” he answered.  “How do you like the party?”

“Not too much,” she answered, squirming as he began swirling his finger around her navel.  “It’s kind of lame.  I mean, the music isn’t that great, and there isn’t even any food.”  As if to enforce the last piece of her statement, her stomach growled, loudly enough for Tom to hear.  He laughed, and Emily blushed.

Grinning even bigger, he replied, “Have to agree with you there.”  He swirled his finger around her navel for another moment before saying, “I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room.  You looked kind of bored.  Did you know that you’ve got a really nice belly button?”

“Yeah, you said that already,” Emily laughed.

Tom smiled back.  “Well, it’s true.”  He stopped swirling for a moment and gently jabbed the bottom of her navel.  Emily giggled, and Tom smirked at her.  “I take it you’re ticklish?”  Before she could answer, Tom was wiggling his finger around inside her navel.  Emily giggled even harder, head thrown back against the wall.

“Stop,” she gasped breathlessly, still helpless with laughter.  “I can’t breathe!”

Tom smirked again, but went back to swirling his finger slowly around the rim of her navel.  Suddenly a voice behind them asked, “Emily?”  They both glanced over.  Sarah was staring uncertainly back.  “Are you ready to leave?”

Emily nodded, feeling a little disappointed as Tom removed his finger from her navel.  Before she could say anything though, he grabbed her phone and began typing.  “Here,” he said, handing it back to her.  He had entered his name in the contacts page.  Flashing a grin he added, “Call me sometime.”  Winking and looking pointedly at her stomach, Tom walked away.

Emily smiled, and as she walked out of the room with Sarah, she stuck her finger in her navel.
BellybuttonTickler Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
You should do a continuance :)
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Great story. :D
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